Partners of safeFBDC, the research project of the Financial Big Data Cluster, joined the second Gaia-X hackathon to prototype the first Gaia-X use cases for the financial sector. In collaboration TechQuartier, spotixx, SAP Fioneer and Deloitte from the safeFBDC consortium with support of deltaDAO AG and Ocean Protocol explored Compute-to-Data

Good ideas don’t happen at the drawing board or in a quiet room — thinking and working creatively requires inspiration, discussion and stimulation. The partnership between Aareal Bank and TechQuartier is a real-life example of how new life is being breathed into innovation management.

As a platform for networking, inspiration and visibility in the startup scene, TechQuartier brings together startups, established corporates and young talent. …

More than words: ESG-reporting brings change for a better world. Or does it? And how does big data support this?

“Our house is on fire!” with these epic words Greta Thunberg alerted the public in 2019 at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Even though many things were set in motion since the Paris Agreement in 2015, only recently, do we see that ESG-reporting is becoming gradually mandatory with the…

Guest Blog Deutsche Bundesbank — The Deutsche Bundesbank is the independent central bank of the Federal Republic of Germany. Together with the other national central banks in the euro zone and the European Central Bank, it forms the Eurosystem.

Copyright: Deutsche Bundesbank

Unsupervised Risk Monitoring — a macroeconomic perspective

In August we launched the Bundesbank Innovation Challenge — looking for innovative risk monitoring solutions focusing on AI and Big Data. We now want to share some further insights about our interests and potential solutions we are interested in.

The Bundesbank

At the Bundesbank we combine many tasks: We supervise banks, we…

Growth Alliance — The AgTech and FoodTech Accelerator: Startup BEEsharing won 5000 € from Rentenbank.

Growth Alliance — The AgTech and FoodTech Accelerator

For the second year in a row, 10 startups in the AgTech (and introduced this year, FoodTech) development sectors participated in Growth Alliance: The AgTech and FoodTech Accelerator, a business bootcamp co-created by Rentenbank and…


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